Friday, October 20, 2017

Coming Up For Air

As you have all probably noticed there has not been much blogging going on in my life lately. A lot has been going on and it is all good, but it did require my full attention.

Recently we moved my wonderful, loving, caring, 85 year old mother closer to us. She is only about 5 minutes away from me now. I am so happy to have her close enough that I can go and visit and have coffee chats with her and take her shopping.

Good bye,  sweet little yellow house you have been so good to our family. It all started years ago with my grandparents. I ran through the sprinklers in the backyard with my cousins. My boys hit golf balls and played catch here, My grandchildren played in the backyard and dug a hole in the garden as if they were digging their way to China. We ate cherries,pomegranates picked lemons and oranges. We will be forever grateful to you little yellow house.

Life is a marvelous journey with twist and turns but it is always moving forward and that is a good thing and as it should be.

We are yet again starting a somewhat new journey with having Mom closer to us. I am beginning to feel like a professional mover since this is the third moving process in the last two years. However I will say I hope and pray there will not be anymore moving anytime soon.

Fall has arrived here and the mornings are cool and crisp and that is a welcomed sight as well. I am trying to get myself back into a new routine and hope to be back to blogging on a semi-regular schedule.

Thank you to all of you who continue to read and follow along with me and my journey in life, I so appreciate you taking the time to read my words.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fall Plantings For Your Yard!!!


Are you getting excited about cool crisp Fall mornings yet?

We had about a week of cooler weather and now we are back to a bit warmer temps, but that has not dampened my excitement about FALL!!

There has been a few mums and pansies purchased to go by our front porch.

 Every year I try to change things up a little bit, just because it inspires me to think of how I can change things.

One year I used these plants.......

 All purples and whites, of course there are also some white pumpkins and blue/green pumpkins added to the mix.

 This particular year I chose to mix yellow, whites, and purples. One of my favorite plants to use is the ornamental kale. I have not seen any at our nurseries yet, but as soon as I do they will be added to the mix as well.

 I love the white center of this ornamental kale plant mixed with the white tipped ivy. This made a fun mix.

 This was the ear I decided to add a touch of lime green with sweet potato vine and the miniature lemon cypress plant.

 You can never go wrong with a few mini white pumpkins for a touch of Fall.

 This is on our entry wall into the front door!!

 When you walk up to our porch you will see this black planter!!

Have you started planting any Fall plants outside yet? It really will get you in the mood for Fall, it sure did for me!!!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fall Changes Have Started In My Greatroom!!


The weather has actually shown a few signs of Fall in the air!! I know we are looking forward to a bit cooler temps since we all seem to have had some unusually hot days around here.

I could not resist putting out the new pillow covers for my Fall changes. So a few days ago I began.....

 I kept the sofa simple without too much pattern other than the gold faux bois. The pillow on the left is actually an indigo velvet even though it looks almost black in this image. Blue and Gold are the colors of Fall for me this year!

The reason I kept the sofa pillows subtle in pattern is because the main star of the pillows for fall is this fabric....

A nice deep indigo background seemed perfect for my room. I love a good Chinoiserie and this one just felt right to me. This one fabric created the mood, style and color scheme for the room. I like to call elements that have this quality a combiner fabric or combiner element, because it pulls everything together. Without it the room would not make sense......

You will also notice I added a nice nubby throw to the ottoman that continues pulling together the colors in the room in a subtle manner. There is no gold in this piece, that would have been one step to far towards contrived, IMHO.

I especially love how this pattern looks in my black bobbin chair.

 It's interesting how the room changes a bit in the night time lighting. The golds become warmer the blues become a bit moodier. It all makes me feel warm and cozy, just the look I wanted for the upcoming cooler months.

In the upcoming weeks I will be adding a few more touches. Maybe a touch of wheat to bring out the gold and some eucalyptus as a nice contrast with it's soft green, and of course the white and blue/green pumpkins that always say FALL to me.

 Love this time of year and all of it's beauty it has to offer.  Remember to always.......